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My Sordid Thoughts

DJ Songbird, Pixie/Trickster
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. My Name Is .
Elizabeth (Mayhem) Willson

. I Am .
female; 29 years old; a Sagittarius; a DJ/karaoke host; snarky as fuck; bi-sexual; an avid music lover; a singer in The Tryst; a lyricist; kinky as fuck; fond of swearing; emotional; bullshit intolerant; an addictive personality; an actor; punky/fond of crazy colours.

. I Like .
see my interests

. I Hate .
infidelity in relationships; spiders; e-stalkers; stupidity; intolerance; misogynistic people.

. I Want .
acceptance; love; success; to make a positive impact; for people to stop being ignorant.