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Title: Disruptions
Rating/Warnings: PG, swearing
Characters/Pairing: Severus Snape, James Potter, Sirius Black, Professor McGonagall, Remus Lupin (mentioned)
Summary: During a Transfiguration test, James and Sirius decide to mess with Severus... for the umpteenth time.
Word Count: 495
Notes: Told from Severus' POV

"Hey Snivellus, your epidermis is showing!" James hissed at him from two seats over, bringing a quietly muffled snort from Remus, and louder snickering from Sirius.

Severus just rolled his eyes and hunkered down over his paper, pressing hard enough on his quill to nearly break it out of irritation. Don't acknowledge him, don't acknowledge him, for the sake of your bloody sanity, don't sodding acknowledge him, cycled through his mind in a litany as he wrote. He could feel more than one pair of eyes on him, but he didn't dare look up. He didn't exactly want to face McGonagall's wrath if he interrupted the test, and he definitely didn't want to encourage Potter with his ridiculous attempts to rile him.

"Hey. Snivelly!" Severus gritted his teeth and glowered at his test paper, furiously ignoring James' whispered attempts to get his attention. He could hear muffled laughter coming from James' little posse, which thankfully seemed to have caught McGonagall's attention.

"Potter, Black, eyes on your tests, please," came the clipped words from the next aisle, followed by a duo of, "Yes, Professor!"

Like that was going to stop them. Sure enough...

"Snivelly!" Merlin's beard, now the lout was practically hanging out of his chair trying to get his attention.

"What the hell do you want, Potter?" Severus whispered, turning to glare at him.

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" The smirk on James' face was cruel, and Severus just scowled back at him and hastily turned his eyes back to his own test, trying to ignore Black's snickering.

Crack! That got everyone's attention, and the entire class turned to look at McGonagall as she stood over James' desk with a distinctly unamused expression on her face.

"Potter! Back in your own seat, and leave him alone! One more disruption from you, and I'll be taking points"

"Yes, Professor!" James said, dutifully going back to his own test. As McGonagall glanced Severus' way, he hunkered down even more, trying to ignore the way his cheeks were heating up. Move along, please, Professor, nothing to see here.

Not even five minutes later, a crumpled paper ball hit the back of his head, and Severus turned around to find Black smirking at him.

Gritting his teeth, Severus muttered viciously, "Leave. Me. Alone."

Smirk still in place, Sirius leaned forward to murmur, "We're just trying to tell you something important - like how your mum had you after she shagged a troll."

"Would you fuck off about me and my family!" Severus snapped, forgetting to keep his voice low. He ignored his classmates whispering as he started to stand up, and it wasn't until he felt a tight grip on his arm that he looked over. Crap.

"Snape, Black, both of you, go wait in the hallway NOW," McGonagall said, two pinpoints of colour in her cheeks belying how angry she was. "And that'll be twenty points from Slytherin for foul language. We'll see how much more I take when I talk to you both AFTER the test." Oh, DOUBLE crap.
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Actual interaction with an ex friend on Facebook.

So I got a message on Facebook today from an ex-friend. I haven't actually heard from him since end of January, so I was a little surprised to hear from him again. Anyway, here's the message:

Hi Beth, I was just wondering why you don't talk to me anymore, did I do something, did something happen? What's the matter?

Normally I'd be explaining what happened, but I basically explained it in my reply to him, so I'll let my response do the talking.

What happened is that I realized you have no respect for the boundaries I try to set when we hang out, and I'm tired of hearing you talk about women like their opinions aren't worth anything because of their 'shit' taste in movies/music/guys/whatever (which is completely subjective and not up to you to decide), or like they are nothing more than sexual objects for you to get off to. And when I DO call out people with the same misogynistic attitudes as you, you make jokes about it. I don't find it funny, I don't find it cool, and I don't like what I was seeing from you.

And just for the record, I remember you telling me a while ago that you stopped caring what other people thought of you and that you enjoy being an asshole, and that's fine. I'm not asking you to change (especially not for me, since we aren't, you know, DATING), I'm just disengaging myself from a friendship which is no longer working on my end.

Pretty straightforward, I thought. I got this series of messages from him afterwards:

I can see that. The last few years I was in a really dark place. But I've finally climbed out of that hole only to realise that a bunch of people that I wanted to be there, weren't. And it made me sad

I was finally starting to be in good spirits again, for the first time in years and you weren't there anymore and wouldn't respond to any messages until now

And some of them I know were poisoned against me after certain misunderstandings, others I just flat out called out on their shit, but with you. I never knew I did anything to bring you down, I always liked having you around. I never meant to drive YOU away

It didn't matter how down I was feeling, seeing you would always make me smile

So the reason I'm posting about this is: What do you guys think? Should I respond back to that? Should I give him another chance? Or should I go with my gut and just leave it alone? Any thoughts are welcome right now.
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So I'm about to head out with my sweetie to see The Dark Knight Rises again, but first I wanted to give everyone an update on the music situation.

A few of my friends know that I started practicing with a group of ladies in April to try and get an all girl band going. Well, we've all hit it off, and we mesh VERY well together and are sounding SUPER tight. We already have a website (www.thetryst.ca), and we've already had our first gig (July 28th), and the response was AMAZING. The place we played at wants us back in to play soon, the crowd loved us (also, I had a little girl there who wanted a picture with me after the show - cue me feeling awkward, flattered, and very much like a rockstar), and despite a couple screw ups, we sounded great!

For anyone on my flist who is in the Ontario area, we currently have two more gigs booked in September, so if anyone wants to come check us out, here's the info:

Saturday, September 8 @ The Brassie Pub (Ancaster), 10 pm to 2 am
Saturday, September 29 @ The Fiddle and Firkin (Cambridge), 9 pm to 1 am

I can't wait!
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SOOOOO, I'm having issues right now.

1: The library computers SHIT, ie. laggy as fuck, browser is freezing up like crazy, and just generally annoying in that I can only use the ones downstairs, where the reception on my phone is ALSO shit. Nothing to be done about that, though, so moving on...

2: I'm trying to get back into the swing of things at hogwartsishome only to find out that I'm not actually ON Slytherin's roster anymore. (Oops...) So I PM the prefects account to ask if I can be added now that I actually HAVE time to do shit... but it's been 24 hours and I've got no response back, so THAT has me a little annoyed. Next step, find out who the acting prefects are and PM them personally about it, because I REALLY want to start participating again, and I'm sorry, I REALLY don't want to get resorted.

3: There's this guy, a friend of mine, who I once had a 'thing' with. Yes, a sexual 'thing'. Nothing really got resolved there, but the reason for that is that.... ugh, how do I put it? He's one of those guys who thinks he's witty and funny, and charming, and just tries to pick up hot chicks. Doesn't bother me, really, because he's not my boyfriend. I recently went to his place, though, to hang out, drink, and listen to records and whatever, and he was hitting on me the entire time, even though he KNOWS I have a boyfriend. He gets flirty in text messages, too. And I'll admit that sometimes I get a little flirty back, but I know my boundaries and how far I'm willing to go, and if it starts getting sexual, I usually stop the conversation, or let him know we need to stop that line of conversation and talk about something else, and a lot of the time he just doesn't GET it.

Seeing as how hiding important shit has backfired on me in the past, this whole situation is known to Rhys, and he (understandably) does not trust this guy. I'm just not sure how to really deal with it, because I enjoy hanging out with my friend, I just don't like having to be constantly wary about the kind of shit he's doing. *sigh*


Anyway, in other news, the problems I was having at Tim Horton's? Thing of the past. My attitude was becoming a problem, and I was just so OVER being there that I finally got called on it, and decided to gracefully bow out before things got worse. (A.K.A. I quit.) So instead of working five mornings a week and then Friday and Saturday night, I'm doing karaoke Friday and Saturday nights, and have added an actual DJ night at a different bar for Thursday nights. I don't make as much per month anymore, but it's still enough to afford rent and food, etc., so I'm content. And now I may be able to pick up some things I've been itching to learn for the last year!

Also, as far as fandoms I'm involved in go, I'm REALLY excited to see where Merlin goes this season. I read on ontd_merlin that James Callis is going to guest star in an upcoming episode, which is all kinds of AWESOME considering I loved him in Battlestar Galactica - also extremely interested in seeing where they go with the Morgana/Emrys plot, hoping to see the bromance between Merlin and Arthur get stronger, and looking forward to more Knights Adventures~.

And fandom commentary isn't complete without my (general) thoughts on Glee so far this season. Three episodes in, and my main excitement factor is OMG CONTINUITY BETWEEN EPISODES! I mean, REALLY? Last season was a mess for that. There was SOME, but it was extremely obvious that Ryan, Ian and Brad were writing from episode to episode with no real structure to what they were doing. I REALLY hope the decent writing continues (even though it's still not fantastic, let's be real). Although, I will say... I'm not as into the musical numbers they've been doing this season so far. I think I've really only liked two of them enough to buy the songs off iTunes.

Okay, this post is mammoth. I'm shutting up now. Forgive my rambling, lol.