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A Brief Respite

Title: A Brief Respite
Rating/Warnings: G
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape, Lily Evans
Summary: Lily wants to ask Severus a question. Just... not the one he was hoping for.
Word Count: 539
Notes: drawing a COMPLETE blank as to where this sucker came from.

Not for the first time, Severus inwardly cursed himself for not taking Lily's advice and picking up a cheap watch from the Muggle convenience store - he was almost certain that he was late for their meeting. He shook his head at himself and paused to look back at the house to make sure his parents hadn't noticed he was gone.

... Nope, he could still see them in the kitchen window, yelling away at each other, like usual. Some days he thought he would likely have to blow up half the bloody house before they even noticed he was there, let alone gone for a while. Sighing, Severus turned away and hurried through the shadows towards the park. As he went, he couldn't help but wonder what Lily wanted to talk about. With a little less than a month left of summer holidays, he was pretty sure that it had something to do with school - hell, he could wager a guess that she would probably ask him about the OWLs they had coming up this year, since she hadn't made a peep about them in all the time they'd spent together this summer.

"Or maybe she wants to snog," he muttered under his breath, the briefest flicker of a wistful smile appearing on his thin lips before it fell away. Fat chance of that; she was so far above his league that his chances of that actually happening were probably about 1% - no, 0.01%. He was so lost in his thoughts that he ended up tripping over the exposed root of one of the old trees at the edge of the clearing, and he fell over into the dirt with a surprised yelp. Heat blossomed in his cheeks as a feminine giggle sounded from somewhere off to his right, and he scrambled upright as quickly as he could as Lily stepped into view. Cursing his luck, he muttered a mortified 'hullo' to Lily before going to take his customary place on the swingset, resting his cheek against the chain as he watched her settle into the swing beside him.

"So... What'd you want to talk about?" he asked curiously. "I mean, earlier when Petunia dragged you off, I thought you were going to ask me something."

"Oh, yes, I wanted to see if you would come with mum and I when we go to Diagon Alley," Lily answered, smiling brightly at him.

Severus was all set to start speaking when it sank in what she had just said - and he blinked in confusion. "Er... ah, really? You want me to go along with you? Not Mary, or-"

"Sev, you're my best friend, I want to go with you, now are you going to do it or not?" The look she gave him said in no uncertain terms that she would be very displeased if he said no, so it was a relatively easy thing for Severus to give her an eager nod and smile. Not what he had expected, but this was a thousand times better than being bombarded by a zillion and one questions about-

"Well then, now we have that out of the way, I was curious about the OWLs?" At that, Severus burst out laughing.
Tags: fanfiction, harry potter, hogwartsishome, writing

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