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HiH Hogsmeade: Divination's as-yet-untitled fic

Characters/Pairing: Ron Weasley, Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort (mentioned) Harry Potter, Trelawney
Word Count: 398
Notes: for April 2009 Hogsmeade, Divination Dreams activity

Ron dreamed that he was floating in a darkly lit room, above and away from the people moving in and out of the room. It seemed to be a meeting of some kind, and he remembered seeing firelight, but all the figures seemed to be blurring in his vision. Luckily, none of them noticed him. He noticed after a few minutes like this that there seemed to be a pulse through the room - sound and vision ebbed in and out in a slow rhythm, but never at the same time. After more minutes of this, he began to pick out one or two familiar voices - one was Peter Pettigrew. The other... he knew he had heard it somewhere before, but he couldn't quite place it. At the same time, he was also noticing that a few of the figures were becoming a little less blurred. One of the figures resolved into the frightening mask of Voldemort's face, and he recoiled with a shocked cry. Almost immediately after, the voices seemed to surge upwards, and the figures began looking around, trying to find where the noise had come from. Ron struggled for a long moment before finally waking up with a hoarse cry. The scars he had got from the thought tentacles in the Department of Mysteries last June were throbbing faintly, as if in sympathy to the terrified thoughts that were running through his head, and for a wild moment, Ron wondered if maybe he hadn't actually been at some secret Death Eater meeting. Harry had tuned in to Voldemort's moods and whereabouts, and all, so why couldn't he?

A moment later, though, he laughed to himself, if a little nervously. He knew what Trelawney would tell him. 'My dear, you have tuned yourself into the cosmic void! This means that you might soon become a great prophet of the inner eye - but if you neglect it, you will surely die.'

"Barmy old bat would probably tell me that what happened to me has given me 'new perspective' and that I'm gaining insights because fortune has smiled on me, or some rubbish like that," he mumbled, settling back into the mattress. "She'd probably say that I'll be making prophecies and seeing the future, now." Without even bothering to think about it anymore, he pulled the blanket over his head and went back to sleep.
Tags: fanfiction, harry potter, hogwartsishome, writing

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