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HiH Writer's Block; Challenge #43: Addiction

Title: My Favourite Drug
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; mentioned drug use; mild language
Characters/Pairing: Sirius/Remus, one sided Remus/Severus implied
Summary: When Sirius receives an incoherent phone call from Remus around the crack of dawn, he goes off to rescue his friend. It seems Remus has gone out again to indulge in his addiction. What Sirius can't admit to himself is, the aftermath of Remus' partying is his own personal addiction, no matter how much it hurts.
Word Count: 626

It was just beginning to lighten outside when Sirius pulled Betsy to a stop outside the bar. He stared at the front door as he took off his helmet, and then glanced around for the nearest alley, heart pounding with the perpetual worry that this would be the one time when he would be too late. The incoherent phone calls from Remus were getting more and more frequent as of late, and he both hated fiercely and secretly craved what the drugs did to his friend. Shaking himself from his thoughts, he parked the bike and hurried off down the street, keys jangling nervously in his hand as he kept his eyes peeled.

It didn't take him long to find Remus. His friend was slumped against the wall of an alley way five buildings down from the bar (a right shady dive of a place, worse than anything even Sirius liked to frequent), head bowed and mumbling under his breath, fidgeting sluggishly with his thin jacket.

"Remus?" Sirius asked quietly, being careful to move slowly towards his friend so he didn't set off a bad reaction. Once he finally reached Remus' side, he slid his arm around Remus' thin shoulders and eased the werewolf's frail body against his before reaching his other hand up to cup Remus' cheek. "Moony? Answer me, please."

At that, Remus stirred and opened his eyes blearily, struggling to raise his head. Sirius helped him, looking him in the eyes, heart pounding and hoping - no, praying that, somehow, this time it would be different. "Remus, I'm here, please say something," he said quietly a moment later when Remus stayed silent. He felt his friend's hands fumble at his jacket for a moment before closing in a weak grip on it, and he had to work hard not to wince at the rasping breath Remus drew. He tried to ignore the smell of whiskey, and something stronger, on Remus' breath, just waiting for him to speak.

A flutter of need went through him a moment later when Remus leaned forward blindly and kissed him, and he slid his hand from the werewolf's cheek to circle his arm around Remus' back. Sirius needed these kisses desperately; it made him feel, for a fleeting moment, like he hadn't completely destroyed Remus' trust in him. It was over two years ago, but Remus had never been the same around him since. Oh, the quiet smiles and humour was still there, but the warmth was gone. Sirius had never realized how much he had loved Remus' warmth until it was taken away from him.

Remus let out a soft sound then, and mumbled something against Sirius' mouth, and, even though he dreaded this part, Sirius pulled back a little bit to give Remus room to speak, whispering, "What? What is it, Moony? Is everything okay?" Duh. Stupid question, of course he wasn't okay, he was drunk as fuck, and probably high as a kite. Sirius really didn't want to be reminded of what had driven Remus to act like this, but-

"Everything's good now," Remus mumbled, slurring his words together as he laid his head against Sirius' shoulder, hands still clutching weakly to the leather jacket he wore. "Sev- Severus, I'm so glad you don't hate me for what happened."

And there it was. Bitter resentment and jealousy twisted in Sirius' gut as he hugged Remus tighter, nearly choking on the words as he forced himself to whisper back, "Of... course I don't. Come on, Remus, I'll take you home. You need to sleep it off. I'll take care of you."

And go out looking for Snivellus again once he made sure Remus was safely in bed. He would make that scrawny little bastard pay some day for taking his Moony away from him.
Tags: fanfiction, hogwartsishome, writer's block, writing

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